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Since the start of the clashes two weeks ago, nearly 600 people have been killed and 5,000 have been injured sur les seules villes de Khartoum et d'Omdourman. These are official figures, probably very far from reality. "The scale and speed at which events are unfolding in Sudan are unprecedented," UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric warned once again. The ceasefire decreed this weekend has not been respected and the list of victims continues to grow. Originally, two generals engaged in a merciless fight. What can an artist do under these conditions? Buried in a cellar. Buried under rubble.

A few hours ago, Khalid Hamza's artist site published the message of a colleague, also a painter, waiting for help. “I have been (…) stuck since last Saturday at the national museum, alone and alive on the water and I need help to evacuate. ". Bombs explode, automatic weapons sweep the streets. Moataz Mohammed Al-Fateh Ismail is housed in the National Museum of Sudan at the back gate of Al-Fatiha on University Street. It's written, and that's where he asks for help.

« Stop the war » pour simple signature sur la toile du 1er mai 2023.

Khalid Hamza left his site open and he publishes paintings for peace. Is it ridiculous? Usually, the artist depicts peaceful herds, oxen from ancient times, symbols of peace. These animals nourish the world with their milk and their sweetness. All around, limpid landscapes unfold. This is exactly what Hamza shows, in the clarity of the colors. Paintings that restore tranquility. The generals don’t look at the paint, the generals have black boots and weapons of the same color. Khalid Hamza walks the opposite way, on his path as a man and a painter.


RC (ZO mag’) photo:
© Khalid Hamza

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